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What Are Your Goals for January?

New Years Resolution starts with a plan

What are your goals for January?

I'd like to ask each and every one of you to identify your goals for the upcoming year, but more importantly, create a plan that you can stick to in order to accomplish these goals. I want to share with you guys an experience that one of my clients had in the past. He had the same plan as most people: wait till the new year, work on a new year's resolution, and watch as results plateau in the first quarter. While people don't plan to drop off, it just happens. But with additional support and encouragement, you can stick with your plan and achieve your goals. Read Arthur's testimonial below.

"I began the year like many others do, with a New Years Resolution of losing weight and having a healthy lifestyle. I had an opportunity in January to take part in hydrostatic body fat testing. I had never done a body fat test like this before so I didn't' know what to expect. After getting the results from the test, it definitely opened my eyes to a lifestyle change. Heather was really encouraging and definitely provided motivation in beginning for this change. I began working out 5 times a week and started eating properly. I cut out sugars, cut out junk food, and cut out alcohol. There were many times during the process where I stopped seeing results and started plateauing. Luckily, with the help of my family and friends, I received extra motivation to keep going. I did another body fat test in October with Heather and had lost about 40 lbs., 30 of it being fat. I had lost about 10% in body fat as well. I'm looking forward to doing the test again in January to see how much additional body fat I've lost" - Arthur

As you can see, even Arthur had moments of doubt and difficulty. I'm not saying this journey is easy, but I'm saying it's possible. I want to help you along every step. In addition to body fat testing, as a certified health coach I can help you develop a full fitness plan to achieve the results you want. For a free consultation or to share your January goals with me, contact me here!

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