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What should I wear/bring?

Bring a towel and a snug fitting bathing suit. Baggy clothes will capture air and may influence test results. Also, please take a shower if you just worked out and don’t wear heavy makeup, hair gel or lotion.  Although drinking water and exercise will not affect your results eating a big meal within two hours of the test can.


Do I need an appointment?

We tend to get booked up quickly so it’s highly recommended.  Please see our events calendar and book a date that works for you.  Sometimes we do have room for walk-ins but it's highly recommend that you book your appointment.


How long does it take?

Tests take approximately 10 to 12 minutes. 


How private is the testing?

We have private changing rooms and an entrance door that can be closed during testing. Unfortunately we do not have a restroom. Your data is private too and we do not share your results with anyone but you, nor do we sell your contact information.


Is the tank water clean? Warm?

Yes. The water in the tank is continuously filtered while the clinic is in operation, chlorinated, pH balanced, and the water is heated between 90°-95 F. The clinic is also heated and/or cooled depending on the weather.


Why get tested?

Anyone who is serious about making progress towards their fitness goals needs accurate information. For example, if you've lost 5 lbs, you may think that's great, but how much of that was fat, and how much was muscle? You can't rely on scale-weight only to know if you're making the progress you aim to achieve.

Getting a hydrostatic body fat test can answer this question. If you're trying to lose body fat but maintain (or increase) muscle mass, you'll need a detailed analysis of your body composition changes. The better information you have the better decisions you can make in achieving your goals.


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