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Most Accurate Body Fat Test- About Us

My Story

Most Accurate Body Fat Test

How did I get involved with the Most Accurate Body Fat Test?

I often get asked “How did you get involved in Body Fat Testing?” The story may not be very interesting, but it has made a significant impact on my life. Like most relationships, entering the first 12 months often results in a comfort phase where you put on that “happy weight.” No matter what body type you are, we can all relate to not feeling like “ourselves” and the struggle of getting back to where you would like to be. As a result of my “happy weight” I joined a local Crossfit box where they were coincidentally hosting a health challenge amongst the members to see who could lose the most body fat. Part of the challenge was to show before and after progress, which included a full body self-portrait in a bathing suit. Taking the picture made me feel uncomfortable and exposed my vulnerability at the same time.

Thereafter, I submerged in a tank of water in order to measure body fat, was instructed by someone I’ve never met before, and was educated on a new benchmark of numbers that represent my body composition. I instantly fell in love with the process because I knew I was making the first step in my journey towards regaining the health and fitness I desired. I loved the fact that the process was repeatable, safe, and the most accurate body fat test method. I had done every method of body fat testing but nothing compared to what I experienced with Body Fat Test. A couple of years had gone by after my first experience and I was testing regularly to monitor my progress. As I prepared for another check-in, I walked into a mobile clinic, and the owner Linda asked how my corporate job was going. I replied “It’s okay, but I’m just not fulfilled, and I don’t get any satisfaction from what I’m doing.” Subsequently, she mentioned that the owner of the Orange County territory for Body Fat Test was searching for a new owner to operate a mobile clinic in the area. In Linda’s conversation about the territory owner, one name came to mind instantly as the future owner, mine. It was that moment in which she exchanged the owner’s contact information with me, and I felt that my life would take a dramatic turn for the better. I have been running this business for over two years and feel truly blessed that I play a huge role in changing people’s lives and enabling them to realize their full health and fitness potentials. From the athlete looking to shed a few pounds and gain more muscle to the mom that has been struggling to get that baby weight off for years, I have had the opportunity to help countless people achieve what they never thought would be possible. Stepping into my mobile clinic isn’t just about finding your body fat percentage; it’s an experience that I’m very proud and honored to offer. My personal struggles and experience in this field equip me to provide advice and recommendations on ways to make progress in health and fitness to my clients.

Our Vision

The Gold Standard in Body Fat Testing, hydrostatic testing (hydro-densitometry), is the universally regarded method to accurately calculate body fat and lean mass as a percentage of your total weight. Other measurement methods cannot compare to the history of service Body Fat Test has provided to the health and fitness industry. We have been around for 20 years and have tested thousands of satisfied clients, more than any other company worldwide and are the most accurate body fat test around. From the athlete who’s looking to gain some lean mass to the person who is obese and wants to start a fitness journey and everyone else in between, we can help you reach your goals through Body Fat Test. Until recently this equipment could only be found in dedicated areas (ex. local universities) and the price to test would be upwards of a couple hundred dollars. Body Fat Test prides ourselves in keeping the same affordable price for the last 20 years and offering a mobile clinic that can service multiple areas. Our goal is to educate as many people about benchmarking body composition to aid in healthy nutrition and fitness lifestyles, while achieving personal goals.

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