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How to Gain Muscle Mass - Powerful Tips

how to gain muscle mass

Studies show that people who gain muscle mass effectively will also significantly lower their body fat percentage as muscle mass makes the body more efficient in the fat burning process. This leads to lowered risks of obesity and other weight related problems.

In order to grow muscle mass, you must exercise. There are arguments as to which methods work best, but the execution of the workout should revolve around your goal. Depending on what type of muscle growth you wish to achieve, there are two main techniques for lifting that are described below to teach you how to gain muscle mass fast.

Lighter Weights, More Reps

If you want to gain muscle that appears lean and more toned, then this method is for you. By lifting weights that are around fifty to sixty percent of the maximum weight you can carry and knocking out ten to twelve repetitions for three sets, you can promote lean muscle growth.

This type of exercise is used by most athletes that want to have a more athletic build and muscle growth without hindering their agility or flexibility. Individuals who build muscle using this technique will have a more ripped appearance while still maintaining a somewhat slender shape.

Heavier Weight, Less Reps

Lifting weights that are about eighty percent of your maximum capacity is recommended if you want to achieve hypertrophy (when the muscles increase in size). You should perform five reps and complete a total of three sets for maximum effect. If you wish to gain muscle and have a more bulky appearance along with increased strength, then this is the routine for you.

Weightlifters and professional body builders use heavier weights and do fewer repetitions in order to increase their bulk. Although they are much stronger compared to lean body types, they often sacrifice speed and agility as well as flexibility for this type of look.


Protein shakes aid in muscle development and promote a faster recovery after a workout. BCAAs also aid in muscle recovery and should be consumed regularly. Supplements such as pre-workout and creatine provide a source of energy. These products assist you with getting the most out of your workout while enabling faster muscle growth.

However, most supplements and products are expensive and many of the ingredients found can be acquired through a particular diet consisting of well-balanced meals. Consuming complex carbohydrates, lean proteins,and healthy fats on a regular basis will help your body receive the nutrition it needs, naturally.


If you are serious about your desire to gain muscle, then you must be very determined with your regimen. This not only involves your gym and exercise commitment, but also your nutritional plan and discipline. Results are not instant and can take time to notice. To better manage your results, you should monitor your body fat percentage with regular tests to track improvements.

Also, make sure you are resting between workouts to give your body and muscles time to recover. The more time you give your muscles to recover, the larger they can grow back. You can workout daily and still give your muscles time to rest by isolating muscle groups and working out different body parts on different days.

Never train while injured and consult with a doctor or personal trainer before our try an exercise program. Follow these tips in order to gain muscle mass safe and effectively. For any question, feel free to contact me.


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