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5 Ways to Stay on Track with Your Fitness Goals!

How to Stay on track with your goals

Everyone can relate to the challenges of setting a difficult goal, staying on track, and accomplishing that goal without distractions. With the holidays just around the corner and increased family obligations, it can seem even more difficult to say on track with your fitness goals. I've created a list of tips that will help you keep your focus.

1. Remind Yourself it's a Marathon, Not a Sprint!

You might have the occasional off day, and that's okay. It's about how you get through those days and move forward that will keep you on track. Reminding yourself that this is a long-term commitment and one day off from your schedule will not have a large impact if you bounce back and keep going is the key!

2. Don't Buy Unhealthy Snacks!

If you find yourself munching on sweets or craving chips between meals, don't buy the foods that tempt you to cheat. If you don't have them, you can't eat them. Learn what your usual cravings are and find healthy options to combat them. For example if you'e craving a salty snack, try having some carrots and hummus or have a handful of nuts.

3. Stay Loaded with Water

You should try to consume a minimum of 70 ounces per day to stay healthy with 100 ounces per day as the goal. If you really want to do your body a favor, shoot for a gallon a day with equals 128 ounces. Drinking enough water allows your body to stay hydrated as well as regulate your metabolism and reduce hunger. It is beneficial in all aspects and also helps you retain energy and feel fueled.

4. Acknowledge Your Efforts Visually

Keeping a calendar that you can check off on the days you accomplish your fitness goals will work as a motivation tool. Once you see that streak of 3 days in a row, it will push you to keep going. On each day that you achieve your goals, mark it on the calendar with a big X, the first letter of your name, a big star, or essentially any mark that works for you.

5. Get an Accountability Buddy

Finding someone that keeps you accountable for your goals and visa versa works wonders. You can both motivate each other to stay on track and pump each other up on off days. The competitive aspect pushes both people to work harder and having someone to check in with creates accountability which fosters commitment and success.

It's good to be able to track your goals and monitor progress along the way. Testing your body fat is one of the best methods of tracking progress. To schedule a session with me to go over your goals and determine a routine that will be most effective for YOUR body, contact me here!

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